Pimmy's Handcrafted Soap is a one woman show by me, Pimmy! You can also call me Poi. I am currently in North Jave, New York, USA.

I make cold process soap in small batches using natural oils, butters, colorants deriving from plants and clays, essential oils, and additives. I also use skin-safe colors such as micas, pigments, and oxides, as well as beautiful fragrance oils.  Other ingredients or additives I add to my soaps are aloe vera, goat milk, cow milk, honey, maple syrup, sea salt, beer, wine, fruits, vegetables, butters, clays, herbs, and much more! I have been doing this for over three years now and I enjoy every step of the way from choosing nourishing oils to labeling, packaging, and selling!

All this started back in my home country, Thailand, with a coworker bringing me a bar of her handmade soap and I was like WHAT??? You can make soap? As in we can make soap OURSELVES??! I thought you can only BUY soap. Yes, I know, it's ignorant of me. Anyway, after that I started researching about it big time and getting hands on by learning from YouTube videos. I watched and read so much on cold process soap back then...and I still do it now. I'm an addict. I made 30 batches of soap succesfully before signing up for a class. I also learned a lot from that class. It wasn't long before I started formulating my own recipes. That way I get to choose what awesome oils, butters, liquids, and additives to use in my soaps. 

Very recently I have started making candles using soy blend wax that is smooth and gorgeous looking. I use high quality fragrance oils and colors. I pick every supply on my own making sure they're the best for my customers. My candles smell and look good, clean burning and you'll feel relaxed and emotionally pampered when you light these candles. Check out the different styles I have!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Let's get to know each me, or contact me via Pimmy's Handcrafted Soap on Facebook or Instagram. My email is